January 24, 2008

How to wear Kimono - Step 1

STEP 1: Underwear

In order to wear Kimono beautifully, the body has to be I shape rather than S shape. Big breast, slim waist, and big hip are not ideal in this case. If you happen to be such a lucky woman, you have to use pads, belts and towels and make the breast, the waist, and the hip to be the same height. Ideal fashion for middle-aged women, isn’t it?

Wear a hip belt, a waist pad and a waist belt to make the body straight.

Hip Belt

HIP BELT: with TowelFold a towel into triangle and Place it on the hip belt.If you are a fat women with big hip, this correction is not necessarily.

WAIST BELT: Cover upper part of your waist.

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DemonnPrincess said...

Oh okay thank you! I have big breast and my waist isn't exactly small but it's smaller than my hips so THANK YOU! >:o